Creating Resilience through Responsible Resource Management
Comprehensive Water Resources Experience

We’re more than just a water resources provider. With a team of nationally-recognized water specialists, we can meet any needs our clients might have. We solve problems resiliently, efficiently, and holistically.

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National Conversation Drivers

We’re proud to lead the national conversation on flood-risk reduction and resilience. We stay at the forefront of industry research and technology, ensuring your project has the best research and tools available.

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Funding Experts

With extensive knowledge of funding agencies and funding mechanisms and requirements, we’re able to leverage that mastery to secure funding for clients.

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Our Services
Stormwater Management and Planning

Stormwater Infrastructure Study and Design


Pumping Stations


Green Infrastructure


Stormwater/Drainage Studies

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Evaluation


Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling


Capital Improvement Planning


Stormwater Master Planning


Bridge and Culvert Hydraulic Evaluation


Stormwater Management


Land Development Support

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Watershed Planning and Implementation

NRCS Watershed Flood Prevention and Operations
(WFPO) (PL-566) Watershed Plan-Environmental


Watershed/Water Quality Planning


Regional Flood Risk Reduction Planning


Water Quality Modeling

Water Quality Best Management Practices


Integrated Management Planning


Restoration and Habitat Improvement


Streams, Rivers, and Wetlands


Streambank Stabilization

Grade Control/Streambed Stabilization


Ecological Restoration and Aquatic Habitat


Groundwater Recharge


Wetland and Oxbow Restoration Improvements

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Flood Risk Reduction



Design Permitting and Construction (Rehabilitation, Modification, and Improvement; New Levee)

Feasibility and Evaluation Studies

Certification and FEMA Accreditation

Drainage Structure Inspection and Rehabilitation

USACE SWIF and USACE Section 408

Risk and Uncertainty Analysis

Emergency Preparedness Planning (EPP)

Dams, Lakes, and Reservoirs


Dam Design and Permitting


Breach Analysis and Hazard
Classification Upgrades


Dredging, Restoration, and Aquatic
Habitat Enhancement


Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Planning


Dam Inspection and Assessment


Dam Rehabilitation


Lake Rehabilitation

FEMA Studies, Floodplain Management, and Mapping


Flood Insurance Studies


Letter of Map Revision (LOMR/CLOMR)


No-Rise Certification


Flood Plain Permitting


Flood Mitigation Planning



Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Planning


Hazard Mitigation Plans


Drought Management Plans


Drought Tournament Workshops


Emergency Preparedness and Action Plans


Flood Resiliency Workshops

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What Our Clients Say

This plan was reviewed by both our 319 and wetlands team and, quite frankly, was a delight to read. The plan was complete and made a compelling case for the actions suggested. It is – without a doubt – the best watershed plan I’ve read in my time as your coordinator.

Heather Duncan
Environmental Protection Agency Region 7

JEO Consulting Group has demonstrated excellent understanding of FEMA and USACE regulation and requirements, and the ability to communicate and negotiate with these agencies in accomplishing the goal of levee re-accreditation.

Ken Berney
Assistance General Manager, Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District
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