Achieving Community Goals Together
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Implementable Solutions

We take pride in creating easy-to-use plans with your community’s vision as the foundation. We don’t create plans that sit on the shelf; we craft customized objectives, action steps, and a detailed timeline to help you achieve your goals.

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Trusted Advisors

We are the trusted partner our clients turn to for strategic decision-making. Our commitment to providing unbiased advice has cultivated enduring relationships, evident in our repeat clients who rely on us time and time again.

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Diverse Team

At JEO, we have professionals who specialize in community planning, emergency planning, and public administration, as well as specialists who can bring in expertise on economic and engineering considerations. Our team is well versed in everything it takes to make a community thrive.

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Our Services

Community Planning


Hazard Mitigation Planning


Strategic Planning

Emergency Planning


Emergency Preparedness/Response/Action Plans


Evacuation Mapping/Planning


Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)

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Community Engagement


Public Outreach


Stakeholder Engagement


Workshop Facilitation



Public Administration


On-call public management


Leadership and management

Strategic Communications


Ballot Initiatives

Branding, Design, and 3D



Exercise Facilitation

Drought Tournaments


Evacuation Exercises

Levee and Dam Failure

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What Our Clients Say

This is an exemplary plan. It is easy-to-read, thorough, and concise. It is clear that thoughtful discussions occurred throughout the planning process; a tremendous amount of information is synthesized and summarized, and the planning team’s care and attention to detail are evident throughout the plan. Jurisdictional profiles are well-constructed and exemplify the intent of mitigation plans to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities. The planning team should be proud of this effort.

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan Reviewer
Federal Emergency Management Agency

We could not be more excited about our selection of JEO.  In our opinion, JEO excels at open, honest communication and a willingness to educate key decision makers in discussing options and their impacts. They compiled a stellar team of professionals with the skills and relationships necessary to not only develop the plan, but to assist us in executing the plan. 

Kevin D. Mayberry, PE
Engineer, Mills County

“There was no doubt in choosing the consultant to hire for our next update. JEO has demonstrated that they deliver plans on time and meet FEMA’s requirements. We are about to kick-off our process with JEO, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that we have a reliable team to get the job done.”

Troy Bass
Emergency Manager, Marion County
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Planning Documents
Current Plans

JEO’s hazard mitigation planners have gained a vast range of experience by assisting in the development and update of more than 90 hazard mitigation plans in five states and three FEMA regions.

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Approved Plans

JEO’s hazard mitigation planners have gained a vast range of experience by assisting in the development and update of more than 90 hazard mitigation plans in five states and three FEMA regions.

Central Platte NRD HMP
(Approved September 2022)


Cerro Gordo IA HMP
(Approved February 2024)


Dallas County Iowa HMP
(Approved January 2023)


Hardin County HMP
(Approved December 2023)


Hayes, Hitchcock, and Frontier Counties HMP
(Approved June 2023)


Las Animas County HMP
(Approved August 2022)


Lower Big Blue NRD and Little Blue NRD HMP 
(Approved October 2021)


Lower Loup NRD HMP
(Approved June 2022)

Marion County HMP
(Approved September 2023)


Nemaha NRD HMP 
(Approved December 2020)


North Platte NRD HMP
(Approved February 2022)


Northern Cheyenne Tribe Hazard Mitigation Plan
(Approved August 2022)


Oglala Sioux Tribe HMP
(Approved September 2019)


Papio-Missouri River HMP
(Approved June 2021)


Perkins, Chase, and Dundy County HMP
(Approved October 2020)


Quad Counties HMP
(Approved August 2021)

Region 23 HMP 
(Approved November 2020)


Region 24 HMP 
(Approved June 2021)


South Platte NRD HMP
(Approved July 2022)


Tri-County HMP
(Approved October 2023)


Tri-Basin HMP
(Approved August 2023)


Twin Platte NRD HMP
(Approved August 2021)


Warren County Iowa HMP
(Approved December 2022)

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