Lincoln, NE - 56th and Morton Flood Risk Reduction Project

Community Engagement
Water Resources
5 min read

The Challenge: 
The business complex near 56th and Morton in Lincoln, Nebraska, flooded routinely for more than a decade. A nearby drainage ditch would quickly overtop, even during minor rain events, subsequently flooding everything close to it, including local businesses, roadways, and private property. The situation was dangerous; rain events completed cut off access to the area, effectively trapping its residents and denying them emergency access. Furthermore, the channel itself was unmanageable, with steep banks, trash littered throughout, and rampant easement encroachment. 

The Solution: 
Our Water Resources team was hired to study the problem initially. After studying the issue, the team proposed major channel reconstruction to increase flood resilience in the area for decades. With the proposed flood risk reduction project, the city was able to take action to protect its residents in the area and reduced flood damages.  

Project Benefits: 
When the Water Resources team evaluated the project with a benefit-cost analysis, they found the potential project benefits significantly outweighed the costs 10 million to 4 million. As construction is underway, Lincoln citizens see change in action. The city has prioritized the safety of its residents by tackling the root of the problem: an undersized drainage channel. 

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