White Fox Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank

Environmental Sciences
Water Resources

The Challenge: 
The White Fox Mitigation bank, located in Wright County, Iowa, was developed to meet an ever-increasing demand for stream and wetland mitigation credits. For clients hoping to compensate impacts to aquatic resources, a cost-effective route to these mitigation credits is vital.  

The Solution: 
Our Environmental team was hired on for a large-scale project. We were tasked with investigating, evaluating, designing, and permitting the White Fox Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank by developing a prospectus and mitigation banking instrument. To complete the project, we conducted wetland delineations, analyzed groundwater level and soil types, and completed a stream assessment utilizing the Iowa Stream Mitigation Method.   

Project Benefits: 

Throughout the course of the project, we restored a 90-acre parcel containing 32 acres of emergent and forest wetlands, established native grass and wildflower buffers, restored a former oxbow, and enhanced over 4,000 feet of stream. Additionally, our team developed a long-term maintenance plan with site contingencies and a third part conservation easement—ensuring site protection and the success of the banking project in perpetuity.