Woodcliff Individual Permit and Design Project

Environmental Sciences
Water Resources

The Challenge:
Saunders County Sanitary Improvement District #8, otherwise known as Woodcliff, was experiencing significant bank erosion issues. These erosion problems threatened the stability and long-term viability of Woodcliff’s community and resources.  

The Solution: 
Our Environmental team was hired on for design and permitting services to address the bank erosion issues. In cooperation with Woodcliff, we implemented a long-term, sustainable design that would utilize a combination of both structural and bio-engineering techniques to stabilize the south bank of the Platte River adjacent to Woodcliff. We installed 19 bendway weirs, a series of locked logs, longitudinal peaked stone toe protection (LPSTP), and an assortment of re-vegetation techniques to stabilize the existing river bank.  

Project Benefits: 
This project has restored and enhanced aquatic habitat in the area. Additionally, the installation of the bendway weirs manages and deflects near-shore, high velocity flows, in turn protecting the river bank from additional erosive action and providing opportunities for sediment accretion along the river bank.