Unite Private Networks - On-Call Fiber Design

Traffic & Technology
3 min read

The Challenge:

Unite Private Network (UPN) is upgrading and adding connectivity for broadband services throughout Nebraska. This requires new infrastructure, and with it, the challenge of modernizing a complex conduit system network in the most cost-effective manner. What’s more, UPN must also have infrastructure plans approved in the cities and villages where they extend services.

The Solution:

UPN hired JEO as an on-call consultant to create plansets for conduit installation to be approved by local municipalities. Thorough project expertise in traffic management communication networks allows JEO to design straightforward solutions. In addition, familiarity with the infrastructure in many Nebraska communities enables JEO to leverage the existing framework, as necessary.

Project Benefits:

With JEO augmenting UPN’s staffing and technical capacity, UPN is able to streamline the process of providing high-speed broadband expansion to customers, improving service reliability, and advancing economic development.