NDOT, Statewide ITS On-Call Support

Traffic & Technology
3 min read

The Challenge:

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) implements many projects across the state through its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) program. The purpose of these projects is to integrate innovative technology to maximize traffic efficiency and safety. Because of the number and importance of the projects, NDOT relies on consulting firms to help move the initiatives forward to completion.

The Solution:

In 2020, JEO was selected to provide on-call support for several new initiatives for NDOT’s ITS programming, including the federally funded multi-state rural integrated corridor management pilot project. It is anticipated that JEO’s work will include asset management of ITS field devices, including an inventory of equipment, maintenance and replacement of components, and documentation of systems utilizing GIS tools.

Project Benefits:

ITS projects will likely streamline and automate corridor management in rural areas of the state, as well as enhance safety, benefitting drivers throughout Nebraska. Because several JEO team members have supported NDOT’s ITS program since its inception through planning, design, maintenance, and staff training, JEO is able to provide informed expertise to bring these beneficial projects to life. Over the three-year on-call contract, JEO will continue to support NDOT as its go-to ITS resource.