Ponca State Park, NE - Aquatic Center


The Challenge: To attract more families and provide a place for visitors to play, Ponca State Park wanted to build a new aquatic center. In addition to the aquatic center, they wanted to be sure that families and visitors had the appropriate amenities as well. To accommodate this need, Ponca State Park also commissioned a large bathhouse with a concessions room.    

The Solution: Park officials hired our Aquatics team to design and construct a new 3,400 square-foot aquatic center and a new 2,365 square-foot bathhouse at Ponca State Park. The aquatic center has zero-depth entry and play features, diving boards, a water slide, shade shelters, an in-pool climbing wall, and much more.   

Project Benefits: For maximum accessibility, the team decided to locate the site east of the existing entrance (kiosk building) of the park. What's more, the zero-depth design features allow visitors of all ages and accessibilities to enjoy this new addition to the park. With this new aquatic facility and bathhouse, Ponca State Park has significantly increased its regional attractiveness to potential visitors.