Papio Missouri River NRD WP-4 Dam

Water Resources

The Challenge: Where flooding is prevalent, building flood resilience is essential to protect our communities and preserve our natural resources. That's why the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District is taking action to construct several flood risk reduction and recreation reservoirs in the Papillion Creek Watershed. 

The Solution: JEO has worked as a subconsultant and coordinator on the planning, permitting, and design for a regional detention basin (WP-4) on Wehrspann Creek. Our role has been crucial in protecting property and life by designing this high-hazard dam project, which covers a drainage area of approximately one square mile with a normal pool of 15 acres.

Project benefits: Our commitment to this project runs deep. We helped secure a $5 million grant for construction funding through the Building Resilient Infrastructure in Communities (BRIC) program, making this the first project of its kind to receive BRIC funding in Nebraska. Our FEMA BCA (Benefit Cost Analysis) for the project identified both flood risk reduction and environmental benefits components, resulting in a positive Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR). Additionally, this multipurpose project extends beyond mitigating flood risk; it's also about creating a beautiful and functional space for the community to enjoy. The site will include a pedestrian trail, picnic shelter, parking, restroom, and other recreational amenities.


With construction anticipated to be completed in late 2024, we’re excited to see this project come to life. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards a more resilient future.