Lincoln, NE - Salt Creek Levee System-Wide Improvement Framework

Community Engagement
Water Resources

The Challenge: 
The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District (LPSNRD) is the local sponsor of a federally constructed levee and channel system along Salt Creek in Lincoln, Nebraska. Recent USACE inspections identified a number of items as “Unacceptable.” The NRD decided to develop a System-Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF) plan to address the deficiencies.  

The Solution: 
Our Water Resources team worked with the NRD to develop an effective SWIF plan. It included technical assessments such as a stream assessment of erosion and aggradation, a geotechnical investigation and analysis of potential failure causes, preliminary design and cost evaluation for long term programming, and development of both SWIF and NRD planning documents and tools to address the identified deficiencies. The Final SWIF Plan was submitted in October 2016.   

Project Benefits: 
As a result of the SWIF planning effort, the NRD remains active in the PL 84-99 Rehabilitation Program. As we worked closely with the USACE Omaha District, we were excited to receive feedback that USACE Headquarters is using the process we developed as a template for other communities across the nation. What’s more, our Community Engagement team’s stakeholder involvement strategy, key to successful development of the SWIF, is also being referred to nationwide as a model for other SWIF efforts to follow. To gain support for the planning component, our Community Engagement team developed and facilitated two targeted stakeholder engagement sessions. These sessions focused on engaging public and private entities that have a role and responsibilities related to levee management and protection.


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