Kirkpatrick Park Rehabilitation

Water Resources
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The Challenge:

The lake at Kirkpatrick Memorial Park in the City of Lexington, Nebraska, needed restoration. Over time, the streambanks eroded, wildlife habitat decreased, sedimentation built up, and the lake’s accesses were limited.


The Solution:

JEO began the design which featured deepening the lake by dredging accumulated sediment and stabilizing the shoreline, specifically at the bank near the Dawson County Historical Museum. For the general public, the project added walking trails and improved angler access, such as providing ADA accessible fishing pads. Additionally, the team performed a water alum treatment (reduction of phosphorus levels with aluminum sulfate) to improve long-term water quality and to reduce potential for toxic algae blooms.

In the construction phase, the team discovered that large amounts of debris were buried in the lake’s banks. Tasked with changing the design within the same budget, JEO was able to change the feature from sheet piling to a rock riprap course without a price increase.


Project Benefits:

The lake restoration was completed on time and on budget and has prompted future improvements in the park, such as landscaping, parking, and other amenities. With positive feedback from the city, the restored Kirkpatrick Memorial Lake will be enjoyed by Lexington residents for generations to come.