Dallas County, IA - Conservation Reservation Enhancement Program

Environmental Sciences
Water Resources

The Challenge: The Iowa Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) has been used regularly by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) to encourage voluntary landowners to establish wetlands for water quality improvement. The goal is to reduce nitrogen loads and movement of agricultural chemicals into Iowa’s waterways. A landowner in Dallas County wanted assistance establishing a CREP wetland on their property.  

The Solution: Recognizing the need for qualified CREP designers and contractors, our Environmental Sciences team became pre-qualified to design CREP wetlands for IDALS in 2018. Our team is the sole contractor for the Dallas County site, and is responsible for all aspects of project design, through construction. JEO coordinates directly with IDALS representatives during the design and oversees construction.  

Project Benefits: Wetlands provide valuable environmental benefits for ecosystems and the communities within them. The broadly improve water quality, and specifically reduce nitrogen levels in water and decrease the amount of agriculture chemicals and bacteria moving into waterways. The development of resilient wetlands promotes cleaner water in the region, and having pre-qualified CREP designers ensures that the job is done right.