Beemer, NE - Splashpad


The Challenge: Residents and visitors to Beemer, Nebraska, wanted a recreational amenity for the summertime. The community didn’t have a pool, but wanted to provide a water activity for kids and families.    

The Solution: Beemer partnered with our Aquatics team to make a kidney shaped splashpad in Beemer with a 1,800 SF spray zone and a 950 SF free spray zone. The pad is constructed in the village’s municipal park along with playground amenities and a restroom. Our Funding team secured grants and the village used local funds to construct this splashpad.  

Project Benefits: The splashpad has seven above and ten at grade spray features along with viewing benches where families can enjoy their time outside. Additionally, the project includes sidewalks to and from the street and handicapped parking stalls to ensure accessibility for every splashpad user. With a new splashpad, Beemer has become a more desirable place for families to live and play.