Battle Creek, NE - Electrical Utilities Voltage Conversion Project

Power and Electric

The Challenge: 
Battle Creek is a small community with a 2.5 MW peak demand and 10.5 mwh annual consumption.  To meet their energy needs, they receive 34.5 kV sub-transmission from the Norfolk NPPD substation. However, Norfolk’s system was experiencing an overloaded regulator within the substation causing voltage drop issues and outages. The system, last updated in the 50s, needed improvements.  

The Solution: 
To help secure energy for Battle Creek and Norfolk, in 2004 we completed a voltage conversion from 2.4 kV delta to 12.47/7.2 kV wye with a new 5.0 MVA substation. Then in 2005 we completed a new double loop type distribution system with pole replacements, pole top assemblies, transformers, conductors and metering.  

Project Benefits: 
Since this time their losses have reduced from 14% to 2% and a new high school has also been added to the system. With these improvements, Battle Creek and Norfolk NPPD have reliable access to power to meet their energy needs.