Afton, IA - Electrical System Improvements

Power and Electric

The Challenge: The City of Afton, Iowa, owned and operated a 2.4 kV “delta” electrical distribution system. An Alliant Energy substation provided two reclosers with main distribution feeders and branch circuits that served the commercial and residential customers of the city, but Alliant relocated the substation outside of the city. The city needed a new, reliable power source. A previous study had determined the city should build a new substation and upgrade the distribution system voltage to 13.2/7.62 kV “wye,” providing more power than they previously had.   

The Solution: The city selected our Electrical team to review the results of the previously completed study to confirm their conclusions and opinions of probable construction costs. We confirmed the study’s results but recommended that the opinions of probable construction cost be updated. We assisted the city with the preliminary design, final design, bidding and negotiation, and construction administration phases to construct the new substation and upgrade the entire distribution system voltage to 13.2Y/7.2 kV.  

Project Benefits: Throughout the project, we collaboratively coordinated with Alliant Energy, ITC Midwest, Iowa Department of Transportation, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, and now Afton has more reliable power for its citizens.