West Haymarket Arena and Vicinity Project


The Challenge: 
The City of Lincoln needed survey services. So, they hired our Survey team for topographic surveying and mapping services of Sun Valley Boulevard and West O Street, along with an 18-block portion of downtown Lincoln from 7th to 10th K to N. Safety was a concern for this project, since our team was working in high-traffic areas. To mitigate this risk, we used lighted arrow boards while working in traffic lane and utilized proper safety vests and signage. 

The Solution: 
To meet the city’s needs, we surveyed approximately 3,000 feet of Sun Valley Boulevard and approximately 2000’ of West O Street, including the West O Street Bridge over Salt Creek. We established horizontal and vertical control points using the Lancaster County Coordinate system and ran level loop circuits to all of our control points to establish our elevations. By using a combination of GPS equipment, robotic total stations, 3-D scanning, and up to two two-person crews on the project, we were able to complete the project efficiently and effectively. 

Project Benefits: 
With high quality, fairly priced, and a reliable survey team behind them, the City of Lincoln’s survey project went smoothly. And once our final surveying services were complete, the final MicroStation drawings were delivered on time.