Victory Village in Norfolk, NE

JEO recently partnered with Dial Properties, a land development company in Omaha, in the completion of the City of Norfolk’s Victory Village: a new luxury apartment complex on previously undeveloped land. The complex includes 20 unique eight-plex units (with four units on the bottom level and four units on the top level), in addition to a clubhouse and garages. The apartments resemble small houses, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding neighborhood.

This multi-modal project started in 2018 and utilized JEO’s diverse team of surveyors, planners, water/wastewater engineers, and water resources specialists as they performed platting, traffic studies, site design, and construction services. Additionally, the team developed streets, utility easements, drainage, the swimming pool, and implemented ADA accessible standards for the property.

While now complete, the project was not without its challenges. The site's irregular shape and topography created problems with street connectivity. Using their expertise, our team embraced the conditions and looped the street within the site to efficiently make the most of the available space.

The site also experienced stormwater drainage problems. An overhead, high-voltage power line bisected the site and presented a significant challenge as the team could not build under the line. Instead, they used the area as a bioswale and drained the property’s stormwater to it.

The completed Victory Village was a success, which led to an additional project for JEO on an adjacent property. Located at the eastern gateway to the city, the plan is to develop a 10-acre truck stop and six commercial buildings, with potential for future fast food, retail, and hotel development.

Victory Village 2
Victory Village 3
Victory Village 4