Sioux City, IA - Cone Park Splashpad and Ice Rink


The Challenge: Sioux City, Iowa, wanted more recreational opportunities in the city. But they didn’t just want one thing. Rather than a typical recreational project, they hoped for a more innovative idea to entertain their residents.  

The Solution: To meet Sioux City’s request, our Aquatics team was hired as project engineers for a combination splashpad and ice rink in the newly developed Cone Park that includes a snow tubing hill and four-seasons day lodge. The pad is 50 feet by 110 feet, which includes the free-spray zone. The 12 spray features are all at grade for the ease of flooding the pad for the ice skating. A removable curb can be added around the perimeter to accommodate the ice skating.  

Project Benefits: Now the city has a versatile, four-season recreational option for visitors and residents alike, increasing the attractiveness of the area. Users enjoy its multi-functionality and its ability to provide diverse fun throughout the whole year.

Cone Park Ice Skating - Credit to Sioux City Journal
Cone Park ice rink in the winter - photo courtesy of the Sioux City Journal