JEO Wins NCPA Award for Braasch Avenue Project

JEO Consulting Group received an award from the Nebraska Concrete Paving Association (NCPA) for its work along Braasch Avenue in Norfolk, Nebraska. The award falls under the Urban Streets category and was part of the 2021 NCPA Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards that recognized exceptional concrete quality and workmanship.

In 2018, the City of Norfolk contracted with us to provide engineering services to reconstruct Braasch Avenue between 1st and 5th Streets, plus half a block north on 4th Street. In addition to street reconstruction, the project involved replacing the corridor’s water and sewer lines. Additionally, the project area’s storm sewer system was replaced in an effort to curb flooding. Above ground, landscaping was added through terraces, large planters, and multiple new shade trees, providing Braasch Avenue the same charm and appeal of neighboring Norfolk Avenue.

Then in 2020, the project progressed to the construction phase. While suffering a construction delay due to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was still completed one week ahead of schedule. The corridor now stands as a 27-foot-wide street, complete with turning lanes, parallel parking spaces, and 11-foot sidewalks with dedicated lanes for bicyclists and pedestrian traffic.

Nathan Boone, transportation senior project manager here at JEO, explained the project. “Our goal was to successfully address the corridor’s deteriorating infrastructure and draining issues while also creating a welcoming environment to support economic growth.” And we did just that, while helping this community thrive.