Manning, IA - Master Trail Plan


The Challenge: The Manning City Council wanted to create a Master Trail Plan while updating the city’s Comprehensive Plan. With the community’s current and future needs in mind, we developed the city’s Trail Master Plan and facilitated funding for each trail phase. 

The Solution: The fourth trail in the Master Plan, The Trestle Park Trail, was constructed in two phases and connects the north side of town to the City Park Connector Trail and Hospital Connector Trail (other trails in the Master Plan). The second phase includes an underpass of Iowa Highway 141. 

Project Benefits: The second phase of the fourth trail, the Highway 141 underpass, is an important connector for the city. Normally, highways stop trail users in their tracks, but the new underpass allows people to continue on their way across Manning’s trails. By prioritizing area connectivity, particularly to places like the hospital and city park, Manning ensured that their city is truly linked and navigable via whatever means citizens have access to.  


The IKM School Trail North in Manning, Iowa
A bridge that's part of the IKM Manning School Trail - a project that came from the Master Trail Plan