Lexington, NE - Comprehensive Plan

The Challenge: 
Lexington, Nebraska was growing. The city needed to plan for a rapidly growing population, which was increasing at 1.2% annually. Lexington hired us to help plan for the future of their city, to better serve new families, the aging, children, and people of all abilities.   

The Solution: 
In partnership with the city, our Planning department developed a Comprehensive Plan and a Long-Range Transportation Plan for Lexington. Through numerous public meetings, open houses, and stakeholder discussions, our planners outlined the needs and goals of the city and its citizens. The city’s core priorities were housing, parks, and their community image.  

Project Benefits: 
Their successfully executed plan works symbiotically on the city’s top priorities. They removed derelict structures to make room for new housing development. The city and school district enhanced existing parks/playgrounds to provide citizens of Lexington with recreational opportunities to live healthier lives, protect natural resources, and provide integrated open space into denser areas of the community. Key improvements along key corridors, such as Plum Creek Parkway, Interstate 80, and Highway 30, improved public perception of the community and ease of transport for visitors. 

Because of the Comprehensive Plan and Long-Range Transportation Plan, the City of Lexington is well prepared to sustain and grow its community.