JEO Founders' Appreciation: A Look at How We Started and Where We are Now

JEO Founders' Appreciation

JEO was founded in Wahoo, Nebraska, in 1937, as the W.G. Johnson Construction Company, where they specialized in engineering, surveying, bridge design, and construction. By 1952, Johnson and E. Gerald Erickson formed a partnership in association with Donald D. Price creating the new entity, Price, Johnson, and Erickson. In 1965, Price, Johnson, and Erickson decided to expand their services and brought Terry O'Brien in, in 1971. In 1979, the organization was renamed Johnson-Erickson-O'Brien & Associates, Inc. 20 years later, after a steady increase in company growth and success, Johnson-Erickson-O'Brien & Associates, Inc. officially became JEO Consulting Group, Inc.

Since 1937, JEO has grown from that first office in Wahoo to over 12 offices across Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas and employs over 250 people. Throughout that time, JEO has maintained the values and visions of the Founders.

Recently, JEO had the opportunity to honor the Founders of our organization. We invited the Founders' families to a dinner in our Omaha office where we discussed our history, shared stories and memories of those who were here when, and remembered all the hard work and sacrifices they made to make JEO what it is today.

We are forever grateful to W.G. Johnson, E. Gerald Erickson, Donald Price, and Terry O'Brien.