Geneva G Street Reconstruction

Construction Services
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The Challenge:

G Street in Geneva, Nebraska, connects 13th Street (formerly US Highway 81) with the heart of Geneva’s downtown. With a crumbling and over-patched roadway, poor drainage, and discontinuity from the city’s modern downtown infrastructure, G Street was in dire need of reconstruction.

The Solution:

Utilizing salvaged bricks from the city’s stockpile of former street bricks, the project team paved the center line strip with brick and created brick inlays for the crosswalks to restore this historical point of entry to the community. 

During construction, JEO worked with the contractor who modified their stringless slip form paver to provide a trough for a brick inlay along the roadway centerline. This modification to their paving equipment kept construction moving forward smoothly and saved the city time by eliminating at least two hand pours originally identified in the engineering plans. This paver modification also provided added control during construction, allowing the bricklaying subcontractor to lay full brick throughout the entire length of the brick inlay. Because of this modification, G Street was open to traffic three weeks ahead of the substantial completion deadline.

Project Benefits:

Along with the brick paver elements, the locally famous neon “Geneva” sign was installed to welcoming travelers to the community. These historically significant design features transformed a road reconstruction project into a renewed source of pride for the community.