Fourmile Stream Assessment

Environmental Sciences

The Challenge:

Polk County Conservation Board was interested in restoring a reach of Fourmile Creek. The streams watershed is made up of both rural and urban areas, and includes the cities of Slater, Sheldahl, Alleman, Elkhart, and Ankeny.  Detailed, comprehensive biological, chemical, and geomorphic data did not exist for Fourmile Creek which made planning a successful restoration difficult.

The Solution:

JEO’s team of environmental scientists performed biological, chemical, and geomorphic assessments along Fourmile Creek’s study area.  The team assessed fish and macroinvertebrate communities, collected and analyzed water quality data, and investigated, collected and analyzed geomorphic data in regards to the streambed and bank stability.

Project Benefits:

Upon completion of this project, our team was able to identify areas of stream instability and develop a restoration plan that would enhance and protect the existing aquatic ecosystem, reduce nutrient and sediment loads on the stream system, and provide recreational opportunities while increasing flood storage during high flow events.


map of Polk County Conservation Board Mitigation Bank area