Conquering Miles and Taming the Heat: JEO Triumphs RAGBRAI 2023!

Last week JEO rode in RAGBRAI 2023! The iconic cycling event celebrated its 50th anniversary and spanned over 500 miles across Iowa. The heat was scorching, and the days felt never-ending, but man, did we own those long stretches of road! Our endurance was put to the test, but we conquered every hill and distance like champs.

While the ride was challenging at times, the food quickly made us forget about that. Whether it was a hearty breakfast on the route, pork chop, corn on the cob dipped in butter, pie from the local church, or some well-deserved ice cream on a scorching afternoon, we truly experienced the best of each community and stop.

Despite the heat and the long hours on our bikes, we had a blast! We all embraced the experience fully and took the time to appreciate the beauty and hospitality of the towns we stayed in, passed through, and stopped at along the way. Connecting with communities, fueling up at local stops, and sharing laughs along the way made the journey even more memorable.

We are excited to continue to grow JEO’s participation in this event annually, so look for us in 2024!