Carroll, IA - Water Supply Improvements

Water Infrastructure
5 min read

The Challenge: 
Over the past five years, our Water Infrastructure department has provided professional engineering services to the City of Carroll on multiple water system improvement projects. To improve the city’s water supply issues, we offered evaluations of feasible well sites to the design/construction of water main replacements and water treatment plant (WTP) upgrades. 

The Solution: 
The solution to improving Carroll’s water supply was multi-pronged and included: 

  • Water System Preliminary Engineering Report  
  • Water System Hydraulic Modeling  
  • Wells and Transmission Main Improvements  
  • WTP Upgrades 
  • Water Main Replacement 

These improvements represented a complete overhaul of Carroll’s water supply system. By making all of these changes, the water supply was secured and reinforced. 

Project Benefits: 
With the large-scale improvements, our Water Infrastructure team completed for Carroll’s water supply, the city’s most valuable natural resource is protected for generations to come. By prioritizing a secure, efficient, and safe water supply for city residents, the city took invaluable action to sustain the community’s future water use and water management.