Carroll, IA - Swan Lake Trail


The Challenge: The existing 3.5-mile loop of the trail around Swan Lake exhibited wide and deep thermal cracking, posing a hazard to the many people who used it. The Carroll County Conservation Board wanted to resurface the trail to improve the recreational experience for all users.   

The Solution: Our Transportation team was hired to address this resurfacing and improvement project. The design called for recycling the existing trail material in place. The recycled base was then resurfaced with five inches of Portland-cement concrete. We ensured the resurfacing would maintain the many trail crossings of existing bridges, roadways, driveways, and trail connections. We completed our final design in 2014 and completed construction of the $508,000 trail in the fall of 2015.  

Project Benefits: The Carroll County Conservation Board was awarded $250,000 in federal funding for the project. The resurfaced trail is a valuable county asset and its improvements allow more users to enjoy it. 

Swan Lake State Park Trail Bridge - Carroll, Iowa
A bridge on the Swan Lake State Park trail in Carroll, Iowa