Broken Bow, NE - Library Renovation


The Challenge: 
Broken Bow, Nebraska knew their library needed a renovation. The renovation idea had been on their planning table for nearly ten years when the city hired our Architectural team to take on the challenge. Since the library staff and respective boards had had time to weigh options for the library, they asked if we could accommodate the following updates: more open space in the library, intentional design for future use flexibility, and style that would be simple, tasteful, and incorporate color selections that wouldn’t be out-of-date in ten years.  

The Solution: 
Since Broken Bow’s Library Foundation Board and Library Board knew how much money the city could contribute to the library remodel, the rest of the funds would be from grants, as well as donations from individuals, families, and businesses. We kept the city’s budget considerations in mind during the project’s planning phase and made certain that every aspect of the remodel would remain under budget. Our bid came in substantially below what was originally estimated.   

Project Benefits: 
Since the remodel, Broken Bow’s library has continued serving the community well. It provides a place for recreation, education, and community gathering. Through a positive collaborative partnership, our team and the City of Broken Bow have prioritized the success and maintenance of this important public resource. The city’s public library now stands out as a tremendous asset to the community.