York, NE - Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard Mitigation

The Challenge: Areas of York County, Nebraska face a high risk of severe weather and tornadoes. Tornadoes have devastated the homes of numerous York residents, and to reduce their risk to natural disasters and build resilience, York County officials started working with our Hazard Mitigation team.  

The Solution: Together, we developed their first county-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan in 2009 and then updated the HMP in 2014. Since that time JEO has collaborated with the York County Emergency Management Agency to develop and submit a HMGP grant to fund a residential safe room project across the county. York County was awarded the HMGP grant in 2016 to fund safe rooms in 22 homes and small businesses throughout the county. 

Project Benefits: With a strong Hazard Mitigation Plan and 22 FEMA-certified safe rooms, York County has reduced their vulnerability to natural hazards. Residents are better prepared to face severe weather with proactive mitigation measures.