Woodbury County, IA - Brown's Lake Shoreline Enhancement

Environmental Sciences
Water Resources

The Challenge: Brown’s Lake, managed by Woodbury County Conservation Board (WCCB) in Iowa, had significant shoreline erosion issues. The shoreline’s erosion problems contributed to water quality issues, and the WCCB wanted to address the issue comprehensively.  

The Solution: Our Environmental Sciences team was hired to assess shoreline erosion, then design and oversee construction of shoreline stabilization measures. The multi-phase project included removal of non-desirable trees and brush, shoreline stabilization and shaping, aquatic habitat enhancements, and angler access components. To facilitate these enhancements, our Funding team assisted the WCCB in successfully obtaining an Aquatic Habitat Grant application through Iowa Department of Natural Resources to fund part of the project. 

Project Benefits: By mitigating the shoreline erosion, our team and the WCCB were then able to solve the interrelated problems. With improved shoreline, angler access, and water quality, Brown’s Lake is again the perfect recreation area for residents to enjoy, and provides a resilient habitat for aquatic species.