What’s the Process for Completing a Boundary Survey?

3 min read


  • We may be able to give you a quote for your survey over the phone.
  • We learn about your needs. Like working with an attorney, to best help you we need to know as much about your situation as possible.
  • What’s the time frame for completing the survey?
  • What’s driving you?
  • Are you doing estate planning?
  • Are there any unique circumstances surrounding your property?
  • Do you know of previously completed surveys?
  • Do you have some evidence of your boundary line that is not readily available through public records, like title abstracts or survey plats?
  • We develop an approach personalized to your needs. 


  • Once we learn about your specific situation, we provide you with a quote to perform your requested surveying services. Once you accept the quote, we begin working on your survey and meet your time frame for completion. 


  • We research record documents (deeds, easements, surveys, plats and section corner records).
  • We locate existing monuments (property corners) in the field and verify if they’re in the correct location.
  • We set any missing property corners based upon records, monuments, and other evidence found in the course of our fieldwork.
  • We draw a survey plat showing the parcel that was surveyed.
  • We file the survey plat with the proper county or state offices.
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