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The Twin Platte Natural Resources District (NRD), in collaboration with JEO Consulting Group, updated their 2016 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). A hazard mtigiation plan is a community-guided document that identifies vulnerability to hazards and mitigation projects to reduce or eliminate this vulnerability. FEMA requires that an HMP be updated and approved within a five year period. Having an approved and updated plan enables your community to be stronger and more resilient by:

  1. Reducing your community’s risk and potential impacts from hazards and disasters such as: tornadoes, flooding, drought, hail, severe winter storms, agricultural plant and animal diseases, wildfire, chemical spills, etc.;
  2. Gaining eligibility for pre- and post-disaster mitigation grants, and
  3. Building partnerships within your community and across counties.


The planning area for the Twin Platte NRD HMP includes the counties of: Arthur, Keith, Lincoln, and McPherson. Members of the community , schools, NRD, fire districts, hospitals, and other jurisdictions within the four counties are invited to participate in this process by attending meetings and providing information for the plan. This hazard mitigation plan update is funded by a FEMA planning grant. The cost is shared 75% through federal funding and 25% through a local match. For this plan updated, the NRD, Arthur County, Keith County, Lincoln County, and McPHerson County are providing the 25% local match. For more information about the Twin Platte NRD, please visit their website.

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Approved 2021 Hazard Mitigation Plan

A copy of the Approved Twin Platte NRD Hazard Mitigation Plan may be downloaded below by section.

Regional Upfront Section: This section is a regional overview of the four county planning area and contains sections 1-6.

Arthur County Appendix: This appendix includes Arthur County, Village of Arthur, and Arthur County Schools.

Keith County Appendix: This appendix includes Keith County, Village of Brule, City of Ogallala, and Village of Paxton.

Lincoln County Appendix: This appendix includes Lincoln County, Village of Brady, Village of Hershey, City of North Platte, Village of Sutherland, Village of Wallace, Village of Wellfleet, Hershey Public Schools, and North Platte Public Schools.

McPherson County Appendix: This appendix includes McPherson County.

Special Jurisdictions Appendix: This appendix includes the Twin Platte NRD, Birdwood Irrigation District, Cody-Dillon Ditch, Keith-Lincoln Irrigation District, Paxton Hershey Irrigation District, Suburban Ditch Company, and Western Irrigation District.

Appendix A: This appendix includes documents of public involvement.

Appendix B: This appendix includes public meeting materials and sample worksheets.

Appendix C: This appendix includes worksheets to assist jurisdictions review and update the plan.

Appendix D: This appendix includes the hazard mitigation project funding guidebook.

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