Advancing Emerging Technologies with Established Expertise
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Complexity Experts

All projects have many moving parts, and you need a specialist who can manage the individual parts yet maintain the big picture. That’s JEO’s Traffic & Technology team. We’re ready to help, and our expertise allows us to deliver you a project that satisfies, no matter the complexity.

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Adept at Projects of Any Size

Are you wanting to undertake a major project? Or is your next project a bit smaller? Either way, JEO can help. Our experience with federal, state, and local municipalities translates into being able to tackle projects of any size. We deliver—from start to finish—presenting a final project on time and on budget.

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Proficient in Traffic Solutions

Traffic can be tricky. But we’re here to help you decipher the technicalities. We apply process and techniques that are just right for you—no matter if you’re in an urban, suburban, or rural environment.

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Community Focused

We know you have a vision. After all, that’s why you want to embark on a project. We take your vision, share it with your community, and produce a solution that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.

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Our Services
Traffic Engineering

Data Collection


Signal Timing


Safety Studies




Traffic Simulation

Traffic Impact Studies


Active Transportation


Long-Range Planning


Traffic Forecasts


Corridor Studies and Design

Alternative Intersections


Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI)


Signing and Marking


Work Zone Traffic Control


Complete Streets Concept

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

ITS Master Plans


Field Device Design


System Communication


ITS Device Maintenance

Systems Engineering


Signal System Planning


Traffic Management Centers


System Integration

Testing and Acceptance


CAV Planning and Design


Training and Support

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Technology Applications

Broadband Infrastructure Programming and Design


Fiber Optic and Wireless Communications Design


Smart Community Infrastructure

Performance Measurement


Asset Management


Capital Programming


Analytics and Prioritization

Product Specification


Research and Development


Grant Application Support

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What Our Clients Say

The 205th and Cumberland traffic study went as desired and has led to a final design scope. I’m very happy with the technical results and how they were presented to stakeholders.


Jeff Riesselman
Traffic Engineer, City of Omaha
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