Ralston, NE - Trail and Outdoor Classroom


The Challenge: 
Ralston, Nebraska, wanted an upgrade for their city that would wow visitors, satisfy residents, and vitalize the community for decades to come. So, the city set its sights on renovating Oak Park, a highlight of the area. They wanted to develop a trail and sensory garden, build a gazebo, and construct an outdoor classroom for children to learn and play in nature. The dream was there, but the $400,000 was not.   

The Solution: 
Our Funding team was made aware of Ralston’s project aspirations and had an idea of how to secure the necessary resources. By combining two grants, one from Nebraska Environmental Trust and the other from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Recreation Trails Grant Program, project funding was in sight. Through intensive grant application development, the city and our Funding team successfully won the funds for project.  

Project Benefits: 
Now, Ralston has a renovated park that serves multiple purposes and meets the recreational needs of all citizens and visitors. The outdoor classroom is a regional point of pride for schools, and the new trail connects the community. By securing funding, this city’s goals were realized.