Omaha, NE - Papio-Missouri NRD Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard Mitigation

The Challenge: 
The Papio-Missouri NRD’s 2012 Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) was set to expire and the district needed an update to remain eligible for federal mitigation funds. The NRD hired our Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Planning team in 2015 to assist them in the plan’s update, as we had written the 2012 HMP. At the beginning of the planning process the Papio-Missouri NRD was asked what a successful planning process would look like, and the NRD planning team determined that 100% municipal participation was a key objective.  

The Solution: 
The planning process began early in 2015 and the plan was submitted for review in February of 2016 (12-month planning process). This plan is unique due to the three communities which participate in the NFIP’s Community Rating System (CRS). The multi-jurisdictional HMP was developed to maximize credits through the CRS program. Our team also assisted in writing the project grant that the NRD requested.  

Project Benefits: 
Because of the unique CRS planning process employed by JEO, the City of Omaha gained an additional 140 CRS points to go towards lowering flood insurance premiums for homeowners.  Furthermore, through the planning process, we gained the participation of Thurston County, which was a significant addition and a first for the plan. What’s more, we engaged six more municipalities than the previous plan update, along with many school districts.