Dakota City, NE - Wastewater Treatment Facility

Water Infrastructure

The Challenge:

Dakota City had a 40-year-old wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) nearing the end of its useful life. It had continuous operational and maintenance issues. Not only that, it was located near a residential area, so nearby neighbors often experienced the plant's unpleasant odor and neighborhood eyesore.

The Solution:

The city partnered with JEO to design a new, community-centric WWTF. JEO located a new site south of the city, ideal for the upgraded facility and away from residential areas. For the design itself, a Sequencing Batch Reactor system was put in place, complete with compact parts, remote-access technology, solids and trash screening, and grit removal.

Project Benefits:

To efficiently meet the project’s goal, JEO pre-procured equipment during the design phase. Pre-procurement gave the city more control over the bid process. The team made cost-conscious decisions, while thoroughly considering longevity and materials.

Dakota City’s new WWTF sets up the community for 40 years of growth. Since the new site is a mile south of town, the project includes water main and gravity sewer along a prime riverfront area. This will make future development more likely and less complicated for the city and developers. The new facility also increases the residents’ quality of life: the old site has been converted into green space.