Cedar and Dixon Counties, NE - Hazard Mitigation Plan and Flood Analysis

The Challenge: In 2015, our Hazard Mitigation team worked with Cedar and Dixon counties to update their regional hazard mitigation plan. This update included an in-depth analysis of floodplain issues for the Village of Ponca. The flood risk review analyzed prior flood studies and flood mitigation planning efforts completed for Ponca between 1999 and 2002, and assessed the accuracy of the area’s floodplain mapping.  

The Solution: The team then completed a field survey to collect floodplain elevations and outlined the community’s risk of flooding for specific buildings as well as provided baseline building flood risk data. They created a comprehensive report detailing multiple needs and opportunities to improve floodplain management for the community. Recommendations included updating hydrology and hydraulic analysis to better understand areas of vulnerability and regulate how lands are used. Additionally, the review provided a rational for updated floodplain management maps and flood risk reduction alternatives.

Project Benefits: With up-to-date data and new flood mitigation alternatives, Ponca is well positioned to protect its citizens against the risks of flooding. And with Cedar and Dixon counties’ updated Hazard Mitigation Plan, regional leaders took valuable steps to increase their communities’ resilience and reduce risk to hazards.