Bellwood, NE - Water Supply Improvements

Water Infrastructure

The Challenge: The Village of Bellwood, Nebraska, was experiencing issues with its water supply system. The system was out of compliance with EPA regulations, and its condition had deteriorated. Bellwood asked our Water Infrastructure team to complete a preliminary engineering report (PER) to assess their water system and offer improvement ideas. 

The Solution: Our PER evaluated the water system’s current condition and its suitability to supply adequate water in the future. To comply with EPA regulations, the PER considered the development of a new water source (new well), interconnection to a nearby water system, and/or construction of a new water treatment plant. Ultimately, we recommended constructing an additional water supply well and a new water treatment plant within the village. 

Project Benefits: With a plan in place, we assisted the village in obtaining additional funding for the improvements through the USDA-RD. Then, we designed a new water treatment plant capable of reducing the contaminants of arsenic, iron, and manganese to concentrations that are below the regulated limits. In addition to the treatment units, the water treatment plant also included a new water supply well, generator, and a new pre-engineered metal building that houses all the equipment.